Ride A-6 Snowboard Binding 2024 (multiple Color Options)

  • $ 329.95

Elevate your snowboarding game with the Ride A-6 Snowboard Bindings. Crafted for riders who demand uncompromising performance, these bindings deliver in spades. The A-6 features a rock-solid aluminum chassis that delivers precise response and power transfer, while its Slimeback highback provides a smooth flex and a Reversible Ankle Strap offers customizable support. Experience the ride of a lifetime with the Ride A-6 Snowboard Bindings.

Feel Rating6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


A-Series Aluminum Chassis

A-Series Diecut Basepad

Canted Footbed

Plastic Discs


Slimeback™ HighbackThese Highbacks utilize urethane similar to Ride's Slimewalls™ technology. The Slimeback™ material absorbs shock and damps vibrations to help smooth the ride while providing fluid support.


Two-Piece Ankle Strap

Minimalist Toe Strap


Linkage RatchetDesigned to improve ladder durability and eliminate ratchet wag, resulting in a smoother user experience with the same hold you expect.

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