Oneball Pit Stop Tuning Kit

Oneball Pit Stop Tuning Kit

  • $ 40.00

This awesome kit includes:

Complete Instructions, F-1 All Temp Rub On Wax 85g, Ceramic Stone, Durable Pouch, Edge Sharpener, Pocket Screwdriver.

Tuning Instructions:

1. Place Board or skis in a vise to secure and clean base with a fresh hot wax job and scrape or use ONEBALL base cleaner. 

2. Check the side and base edges for burrs. Rub a ceramic, diamond or gummy stone over the area to remove burrs in preparation for edge shaping. 

3. Use the ONEBALL edge tool to sharpen side edges. Start from the tip and pull smoothly with firm pressure to the tail. Do this in smooth passes until the edges are sharp. Repeat on the other side. Remember to flip the file around so that the teeth face the proper direction...look for the arrow.

4. If you like your board or skis to be catch free in the tip and tail then de-tune using a de-burring stone to round the edges on the tip and tail. Start on the edges as they curve up into the tail and nose and file down approx. 1.5" past the edge contact point as your base lays flat. 

5. For really sharp edges, take a fine diamond stone or polishing stone and go over the edge again using the same technique. 

6. If you like to jib rails and boxes, don't sharpen your edges much to keep them catch free.

The Pocket Screwdriver Features:

Ratcheting T-handle designed for high torque output. 

High quality micro adjustable parts.

Steel construction.

High impact plastic handle. 

Micro-stash compartment for bits in the handle. 

Bits included.

Phillips stubby bit (for snowboard hardware), Phillips #2 & #3, Flat Head #4 & #6.


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