Burton Riglet Snowboard Kids

Burton Riglet Snowboard Kids

  • $ 119.95

Even if your little one isn't ready to shred the slopes solo, you can start them young wherever there's snow with the Burton Riglet Snowboard. The convenient pre-mounted Riglet Handle lets you tug junior around the yard so they can practice the basics of snowboarding with a helping hand from a partner. Think of this like the snowboard equivalent of a bike with removable training wheels. Kids can stand on the foam pad to practice without bindings, and once they're ready for bindings you can attach some to the 3D mounting pattern for a more grown-up experience.

Flat Top™A flat profile between the feet means stability, better balance, and continuous edge control. The tip and tail kick up with an early rise outside the feet for the catch-free and loose feeling you'd expect from a rocker profile.


Twin FlexThe flex is perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a balanced ride that's equally versatile regular or switch.


Easy BevelEasy Bevel gives riders an incredibly soft and forgiving board that's virtually impossible to catch an edge on. With a convex base that lifts the edges off the snow and a super soft flex, the boards make it easy to learn balance and board control.

TwinPerfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride that's equally versatile regular or switch. Jib, spin, stomp, and butter with a greater balance of freestyle mobility and cat-like stability no matter which way you point it.

Additional Features

Comes Premounted with Riglet Handle

Binding Compatibility

Burton 3D

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