Vans Hi-Standard Black/ Teal Women's Snowboard Boots

  • $ 199.95


The Vans Hi-Standard is the best-selling Vans boot of all time and has set the literal standard for classic style and modern performance. It is one of the Vans team’s favorites and offers the fit and flex that the Vans pros need. Uncompromising on an easy lace-up construction that has no interest in cutting corners, this boot brings the promise of its name to the feet of every snowboarder who rides it. With half a century worth of experience in footwear, the use of a women-specific construction basis is a reflection of the simple reality that women’s feet are different from men’s – evidenced by this boot as by every boot of the Vans women’s snowboard boot lineup. The Hi-Standard has been in the line for over 15 years, doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, and instead cements the value of experience and reliability. Add to that iconic Vans heritage design that brings vibrant, youthful colors to the season in a boot that has done it all since its debut and continues on.

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