• $ 424.95

When Nitro pondered internally what type of board could be missing from their Quiver series, Austin Smith was the first to respond with "park board, we need a park board." And so, the Quiver Hazzard Snowboard was born. Blending the OG old-school park shape with new school technology, the Hazzard brings you a short size, blunted tip and tail, while offering the effective sidecut of a larger board, allowing you to have a more true skate-like feel.

Welcoming back snowboarding's roots, the traditional Cam-Out camber gives you classic pop and reliable edgehold as you approach takeoffs in the park, while the shorter size and blunted tips lets you size up for a board that spins like a dream and helps you nimbly navigate through trees on the way to hidden log jibs. A tip-to-tail poplar wood core with beech wood stringers offers unrivaled strength, smooth response, and insane snap, while the unique Whiplash core profile reduces thickness between the inserts and beefs up outside your feet to max out your ollieing power and pressability. More than 200% impact-resistant than standard edges, Nitro's RailKiller edges hold up through constant abuse from jumping on rails, bonking rocks, and every other obstacle you want to turn into your park play thing.

  • Freestyle fun in the park is revived in this OG board
  • Medium flex balances precision and playfulness
  • Shorter size and blunted tips make for easy trickery
  • Cam-Out camber gives you that classic power and pop
  • Biax laminates smooth out your flex for consistency
  • RailKiller edges protect against impact in the park
  • Sintered base is ultra-fast and durable

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